Questioning the Edges of Design

BBEdit Interarchy Menu Glitch [Courtesy Nicholas Kove]

Above: BBEdit Interarchy Menu Glitch [Courtesy Nicholas Kove]


Hello. I’m Christopher Murphy, a writer, designer and educator based in Belfast. I’ve been working as a designer for over two decades. My practice has spanned a variety of media and has adopted many different strategies.

For over a decade (1996–2008) I ran an experimental publishing house, Fällt Publishing, which explored both analogue and digital distribution. For half a decade (2008-2013) I was one half of tweed-clad duo The Standardistas, helping to improve web design education, and speaking internationally. More recently, my focus has shifted to the wider field of multidisciplinary design, which I nurture through my role as an educator, teaching at The Belfast School of Art.

My work has featured in Eye Magazine, Creative Review and numerous books on design. You can find out a little more about me at my biography.